Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Snow and Ice Damage During Boston Winters
Winters in Boston are legendary for heavy snowfall and winter weather damage. While many homeowners and businesses take advantage of Boston snow removal services to keep driveways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots clear of ice and snow, they often forget about their roofing. Accumulation of ice and snow can do serious winter roof damage, however, to any kind of roofing. Boston Snow Removal can keep your driveway, sidewalks and parking areas clear of ice and snow, but there are other areas of your home you have to consider as well. Your business or home’s roof may need to be cleared as well after a heavy snowfall to prevent potential damage to the structure or water leaks from melting ice and snow as temperatures fluctuate.

How Roof Damage Occurs

The most common cause of winter roof damage is the buildup of ice or snow that melts and refreezes, causing ice dams that allow buildup of water that is trapped under the ice. This water can seep under the shingles and get into your ceiling and walls. If there is too much snow, particularly heavy snow, it can cause structural damage and sagging due to the weight. Make sure you keep an eye on your roofing and clear off any excess ice and snow periodically.

Prevention Can Minimize Damage

Boston Snow Removal helps home and business owners keep their driveways and parking lots free of snow, but we know that winter roof damage can lead to expensive repairs. To prevent issues that can damage your house or business, keep these suggestions in mind: • Keep your attic cool. The right amount of insulation will allow snow and ice to melt slowly, preventing clogged gutters, ice dams and icicles. • Consider installing heating cables designed for roofing. These prevent ice dams so that the roof will naturally shed snow buildup. • Keep your gutters clear. Always clear them of dirt, debris and leaves before the first snowfall so that melted ice and snow can safely be channeled away from your roof. • Don’t remove icicles. If you try to remove icicles, you could pull down your gutters or flashing. • Invest in a metal roof, which sheds snow and ice more readily than shingles that provide traction for snow to cling to.

Easy Snow Removal for Your Roof

Whenever a snowstorm hits, keep an eye on your roof. If there is over two feet of snow, you need to remove it to prevent winter roof damage. Doing so safely, however, is paramount. A roof rake is a safer alternative to shoveling snow off your roof. Never climb out on an icy or snow covered roof, as you could slip and fall. A roof rake has a long handle and can be used to pull the snow off your roof safely from the ground. Keep in mind that the snow will have to go somewhere, accumulating on your sidewalks or driveway. Boston Snow Removal can shovel this snow away and plow your driveway, keeping the ground clear and safe after you’ve cleared your roof.