Boston Snow and Ice Removal

Boston snow and ice removal services

We provide both residential and commercial snow and ice removal services for all of Greater Boston.  We have 24 hour emergency service, preventative ice management, plowing, salting, liquid de-icing and more.
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Sand and other abrasive materials work by improving traction over ice. Friction may melt the ice, but this is an incidental addition to the functionality.

If the weather is too cold, adding salt to the sand can prevent it from clumping and freezing together, becoming part of the ice and providing no traction. Cleanup of sand has become a concern because of wash away and is not permitted in some areas.


Salt will melt ice as long as the temperature is not too low. Salt is the most affordable and effective way of melting ice but causes the most environmental problems as it can degrade: ground water, concrete, lawn and soil.

If the weather is too cold, the sand can clump and freeze together, becoming part of the ice and providing no traction. Adding some salt can keep this from happening.


Liquid De-Icer is a method that is becoming more affordable and is a safer way to melt unwanted ice and snow. The application itself is often long lasting and keeps snow from bonding to surfaces. Overall it is safer for animals, concrete, plants, and the environment as this de-icer is applied more efficiently because it is sprayed with a hose or nozzle into tighter spaces with greater refinement of application.

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